Let's talk... PRICING

Being a creative business, our pricing structure is based on a number of factors. Though stationery, in it's basic form, is "just a piece of paper", we like to think that actually, your Wedding Stationery is so much more than that. It's the first impression your guests get about your day - they are able to discern so much information from a 5x7" piece of card, not just simply the date, time and location of your wedding.

From the carefully selected wording, to the elegant font choice and the quality of the paper and envelope - your guests can see what to expect from your wedding day and ultimately these subtle tells will leave them excited for your pending nuptials, or deflated and uninterested. Though we know a wedding is rarely as highly anticipated for the guests as it is for the happy couple and those closely involved in the planning of your day, we like to think that guests who receive a Vanilla Retro Save the Date or Invitation fall firmly into the first category.

We have tried to make our pricing clear on the site: no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. Ordering one of our house collections is the most budget-friendly option we offer, and we've aimed to design a range of collections to suit a variety of wedding styles. We use a simple pricing structure, where there is a slight decrease in cost-per-invite on larger orders.

For bespoke clients, the largest factor in your quotation will be the time involved in creating your unique design. This includes both the design time and the increased amount of correspondance which is required to get your design just right.

What is factored into our pricing?

There are many factors which have influenced

our pricing, including but not limited to:

Material & Print Cost

Design Time

Admin / Correspondance Time

Specialist Print Finishes

Cost of Computer Programs

Rents & Utilities





Office Equipment

Student Loan

Future growth

Skill Development

We also price accordingly with our skills and years of experience, much like you would find with a

photographer or cake baker - it is ultimately our

skill and knowledge you are paying for.



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