Making the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day

May 29, 2015

I awoke this morning to the sound of torrential rain outside - the sort of rain you know you'll be absolutely soaked to the bone in within minutes of setting foot outside. I'll admit, my heart sank for the Brides and Grooms I know tying the knot today.


Because let's face it, though we know the Great British Weather is wonderfully irratic, when planning a May, June, July or August wedding, you still hope for a glorious warm day. It can feel like a huge dampener (excuse the pun) to think all the photos you pictured having taken outside your venue might not be possible and a part you might feel like the day is ruined. But don't give up hope - some wedding photographers have really proved their worth on rainy days, and here are some of my favourites:



Where you might once have pictured a beautiful shot of you smiling and showing off your stunning dress and fancy shoes - which took you weeks if not months to find - you might instead feel a practical approach is called for. I love this picture of the Bride in her stylish Lemon Yellow Hunter wellies < I can see her resolve in the days leading up to the wedding that the weather will NOT spoil her day, and her last minute hunt for wellington boots which coordinate with her wedding colours.



There is something very romantic about the rain, and if the sort of rain which has arrived is the fine sort, a mist where everything is damp and bleak but at the same time, the light is bright and fresh, these shots are a fantastic solution. I particularly like the Groom sheltering his new wife with his jacket, and the smiles tell a story of a lifetime love which, despite the inevitable bumps, will last the test of time. 




So it's raining on  your wedding day. Sorry, this is the hand you were dealt and unfortunately, there's no fancy photography which will eliminate the rain from your photo album or indeed your memory of the day. And what, at that moment, might feel really bleak and the absolute opposite of what you imagined your first photos as newlyweds would be, could in fact be the crowning glory of your wedding photos. In years to come, you'll look back and reminice fondly on the bigger picture.



Every cloud has a silver lining, and sometimes, a little rain and a few puddles can creat scenarios unavailable to couples marrying on a sunny day.




Ever been tempted to do a ruin the dress shot, but can't quite imagine going through with it? Well, maybe mother nature is telling you something - it's not like you'll ever need to wear it again, right?


Whatever the weather on your big day, it all ends the same: you're now married to the love of your life and will have these memories forever. So, good or bad, don't let the weather put a dampener on your big day. 



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